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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FHI-Hard Work Done Right (Hiring Order Selector)

Warehouse Order Selectors are responsible for building customer orders in a timely and accurate fashion. Selectors are responsible for physically lifting each case of product and stacking the product on a pallet. The Warehouse selector is required select customer orders according to specifications and operates a double pallet jack.

Job Duties:

•Promote and practice FHI's Value of safety -- at all times.
•Must pass a physical abilities test including but not limited to Lift/carry 100lbs, 40lbs overhead, as well as squatting, bending and twisting.
•Relocate an average product case weight of approximately 20 pounds to 105 pounds plus from pallet to pallet.
•You will be expected to maintain a competitive average throughput. Throughput is defined as your total cases selected by the total hours worked.
•You will be required to maintain an aggressive quality and accuracy standard to ensure that the customer is given the highest quality service.
•Overtime and Holiday work is mandatory.
•Must be able to operated Voice Recognition Headset System

*Order selectors needed for Cheshire cold storage facility. Shift starts at 11AM.
Days worked are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays!

Also, hiring for a Freight Handler.


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