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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Seeks Seasonal Employees

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection offers seasonal employment opportunities at various locations throughout the State of Connecticut. The majority of these positions are located within the State Parks Division at various state parks and forests. Positions are filled for a period not to exceed six months. The department recruits for positions that include maintenance workers, lifeguards, park aids, interpretive guides, first aid attendants, resource assistants, seasonal maintainers, office assistants and Seasonal Special Conservation Officers. Some seasonal employees assist DEEP professional staff in research projects for forestry, fisheries and wildlife management. A limited number of positions are located in the central office in Hartford.
Seasonal employees are paid at an hourly rate which depends on the duties performed and their prior experience. The majority of seasonal employees are hired for the period between April and November. Limited numbers of positions are available during other periods of the year.
Seasonal Employment Applications should be completed and forwarded to the office where you wish to work, or to the Affirmative Action Office at DEEP headquarters in Hartford at the address listed on the application.
Seasonal positions:  
An outline of some of the types of seasonal positions, including examples of duties and minimum qualifications required is also available.
Seasonal Employment Application - Word Form  PDF

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