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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soup Kitchen Position - Found this Online Today

Community Soup Kitchen
Hosted at Christ Church New Haven
84 Broadway
New Haven, CT 06511

Position Description
Dining Room Supervisor

“I am writing to ask for your help in filling a job of great importance to poor people in New Haven.  The long time highly competent Dining Room Supervisor, Diane Grant, of the Community Soup Kitchen at 84 Broadway in New Haven recently died and the kitchen is seeking a replacement.  As you can see from the job description, this is no easy job.  The Kitchen serves 300 people a day and all kinds of people show up.  It takes someone with the capacity to exert authority, have empathy for people in crisis, diffuse difficult situations, and manage a complicated environment.  Because so many of the people served by our social service system eat at the Community Soup Kitchen, we all need a competent person in that job.”
Edward Mattison
Director, South Central Peer Services

Position Summary:  The Dining Room Supervisor works directly with a population of people who may be homeless, mentally ill, or chronic substance abusers.  Maintains the general decorum of the Kitchen in an assertive and compassionate manner.  Instructs and assigns volunteers, court ordered and any other workers for specific jobs in the Kitchen and dining room.  Welcomes guests at the beginning of the meal with general announcements.  Directs guests to other social services when necessary.  Keeps up to date with other social service agencies as appropriate.  Maintains written records for community service workers.  Notifies Executive Director about needed supplies.  Coordinates with Cook to ensure the meals are served on time.  Reports to the Executive Director.

     Arrives at the kitchen at 8:30 and directs workers to jobs preparing the dining room for lunch and preparing food as necessary;
     Assists in the final preparation of daily take-out meals;
    Establishes and maintains relationship with guests;
    Develops sources of information and referral for guests including, welfare, housing, medical and other services;
    Helps to maintain an orderly and accepting environment which upholds the dignity of each guest;
    Intervenes in case of problems and take appropriate action such as calmly talking to individuals involved in disputes and calling for Police or medical assistance when required;
    Supervises final clean up at the end of the day.

Qualifications:  Two or more years’ experience in social work, high school diploma or GED, ability to work with people who may be intoxicated, belligerent or irrational. Sense of humor is highly desirable.

Hours:  8:30 to 1:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday including all holidays that fall on these days.
This position has a 60 day probation period.  Pre-employment drug test is required and random drug tests are possible.
There are two weeks of paid vacation at the beginning of August and one other week of paid vacation during the year (not between Thanksgiving and January 1st).  Medical benefits and payroll savings are part of compensation.

Application:  Send resume by email to:
David O'Sullivan
Director, Community Soup Kitchen

For questions or more info, contact David at soupkitchen@christchurchnh.org

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